Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Friday, 31 March 2017

Tips for living aboard ( Language)

I have now personally lived outside of my native UK in 2 different European countries so while no expert (Germany and Spain )
I have what I think can be some handy tips based on my personal experiences so far


Now bar far the most simple but hard tip is learn the local language ( don't forget many region of countries have region dialect ) The most effective way I have found is shopping you will pick up food related words the fastest in my experience. And don't be scared to try and speak in the local lingo even if you say a word wrongly  the locals normally will help you get it right (and the effort is normally appreciated ) While on the topic of the local lingo it is also worth noting that often the grammar rules are different plus the way they structure the sentence , I  found ( in Germany ) (still learning Spanish and will be for quite a while which is one of the best parts of living overseas in my opinion learning the local language trying local foods etc) once you are able to get your head around the grammar I started picking up the lingo quicker.
And remember letters can be said differently for example a V in Spanish is a soft B

(If you visit our pages found in the side bar you will find two pages with Spanish words )

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