Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Fish I have so far seen while in the Costa De Almeria

Some of the fish I have seen while Snorkelling and skin diving (With my brother Richard a Padi qualified dive master)  here in the Costa De Almeria in Spain (I have seen quite a few different fish so far these are just the ones I have been able to id so far) ( As you may be aware we (Me and Richard )  do #Project aware work while out and about when ( recovering rubbish out the sea ) )

Painted Comber - Serranus scriba

The 3 spinned Stickleback found in rock pools
Reticulated Blenny - Lipophrys canevae
Doublebanded Bream - Diplodus vulgaris
Mediterranean Damselfish - Chromis chromis
Striped Red Mullet - Mullus surmuletus

Salema - Sarpa salpa
The Black and red Short Spined Sea Urchin
(be careful with these their spines hurt)

The Sea Cucumber (Seen several different colours of these )
Sea Anemone

A few birds seen when either Waddling , rock pooling , exploring or getting to or from places we have Snorkelled
Little Egret

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