Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Friday, 17 March 2017

some quick facts about us here at European Relocation services

Below are a few quick facts about us here at European Relocation Services
(We are the Spanish brand for Clark trading and logistics )

We have had a van/s loading or unloading in the following countries (we are only operating 1 van at the moment but have had 2 until recently)
  • France
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain (As you know we are based in Spain in the Almeria Region near Albox )
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
And they have passed though
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg

Our vans have travelled by Road , Rail (the Channel tunnel ) and Sea on the Dover - Calais or Dunkirk routes with +DFDS Seaways UK - English Channel 
(All our Spain -UK routes are run though the channel ports of either Calais or Dunkirk )

And the highest we have unloaded on a removal job to date is ? at 1500 metres above sea level in the Swiss Alps (that's 1 metric mile) the job in question even need a shuttle van to access the property

We have even do deliveries where the van had to go off road for example when we delivered a kitchen to a farm in the Yorkshire dales in England. Or also in the Yorkshire dales when we delivered to an old tin miner house that now is a regular home again off road and a steep and tight approach to get there.

One of the longest single items our vans have carried was a 4m long Gps mast we took from Grimsby docks to Boston Docks (Lincolnshire ) for a survey boat

We have also collected 3 loads of timber from Immingham docks (Lincolnshire)

We have delivered some movie props to Luton Airport for a well known airline. Plus we have also delivered a pallet to the Cargo terminal at East Midlands Airport

And even collected props from the Edinburgh fringe festival

The van has been in the Alps in both France and Switzerland and the Pyrenees in Spain and France

Our van has a 22 cubic metre worth of load capacity ( that is 22,000 litres or 11,000 bottles of Pepsi poured out)

The van is fitted with a lockable tail lift as well as lockable roller doors and a solid body so your items are nice and secure

The van is fitted with a 500kg taillift

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