Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Spain -Uk-spain Routes run regularly

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Our Team about us

Read a bit more about our team here at European Relocation services (The Spanish brand of Clark trading and logistics)  
Paul our Driver and one of the owners ( Lynne's Husband and my (Ashley's) Dad ) (So yeap we are a family owned business) has a vast amount of European and commercial driving experience
He is an ex Hgv / Lgv (old Class 1 / artic ) driver and has delivered all other the Uk and Europe. He has delivered all sorts from Container loads to Glass to hazardous Chemicals and even Cattle ( A bullock once broke his wrist ) And he use to work for a company that did regular deliveries to the UK mod until they closed down.
He is a keen +Hull FC Official fan and in his younger days a keen runner he has done a marathon but didn't like it. Paul also loves Dads army and Sharpe.
Paul also enjoys watching the Grand prix , darts and Snooker
Also has donated a few units of blood
Paul's favourite holiday destination is Kenya

Lynne (also one of the owners and Paul's Wife and my Mum )is by training a Classically trained Chef she trained at Hull College. And for many years worked in school meals for +Hull City Council where she in her later years a cook in charge in 2 different schools
Lynne is far from afraid of hard work and is no stranger to removals work her self having been the porter on numerous jobs we have done including a 5 crew member 2 van job from Lincolnshire to Yorkshire we did.
In her younger days Lynne was a successful completive kayaker
Lynne is a bog dog lover and has had dogs in her life since she was 4 and a half ( not going to say how long that is she might kill me )
Lynne has on numerous occasions donated blood and was on the bone marrow donor register.
Lynne still enjoys cooking and loves to go wild fruit picking which she has turned into many a tasty jam , she also is a dab hand at chutney
Lynne's Favourite holiday destination is also Kenya she just adores Elephants  

Ashley (Me)

Well what to tell you about myself, well I do all sorts including working as a porter , working on the computer and running our social media and of course this blog.
I am also a Hull fc fan , I like History and reading and enjoy books like the lord of the rings. I enjoy White water rafting , Snorkelling and walking in Forests
I have lived and worked in Germany near the city of Mannheim for 19 months a few years ago

(Also one of the owners and Son of both Lynne and Paul)
Me taken on a +DFDS Seaways UK - English Channel  ferry between Dunkirk and Dover and I prefer to cross the channel on the ferry to the channel tunnel (just personal preference )
I have also donated blood in fact 15 units of it and I am on the organ and bone marrow donor register
My favourite holiday destination is a tie between the Dominican republic and Jamaica

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